No intention of felling 24 lakh trees for Nijgadh airport

Local News

Responding to the queries of the members of International Committee of the House of Representatives, he said the government would build environment-friendly airport. “If anybody is saying that the government is going to fell 24 lakh trees, then that’s a rumour. We are planning to build airport on 2,500 hectares of land,” he said.

He said this would be a game changer for Nepal’s development and economy. “This will be a category-3 airport which means planes can land in zero visibility.  In Bara, the weather of Kathmandu and Madhes will not affect the planes’ landing and take-off. We can land the plane anytime.” He said there will be no terrain related risk and big cargo airlines can also operate from this airport.

He informed that the ministry would make a call for expression of interest from developers. “We will not cut tress now, first we will select the developer and then draw a detailed feasibility report and start to work according to the report,” he said.

The government had decided to build Nijgadh International Airport in 2008. The ministry has already fixed the boundary and acquired 47 per cent of land required for the project.

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