Province 2 allocates Rs 33.79 billion for 2021/22

Local News

Janakpurdham, 16 June :  The Province  2 government has presented a budget of Rs. 33 billion 791.4 million for the fiscal year 2021/22.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Bijaya Yadav tabled the budget estimates for the new fiscal year at the Provincial Assembly on Tuesday. The revenue and expenditure estimates for the province including Rs. 15 billion 633.3 million towards current expenditure and Rs. 15 billion 58 million towards capital expenditure, accounting for 46.26 and 53.44 percent respectively.

On the occasion, Economic Affairs Minister Yadav said the government targets to collect Rs. 3 billion 49.1 million from internal revenue, Rs. 13 billion 903.4 million as grants from federal government, Rs. 9 billion 588.9 million as revenue sharing and Rs. 6 billion 250 million saved from the current financial year budget.

The government has allocated Rs. 2 billion 350 million for the electoral constituency development program and Rs. 3 billion 165 million in fiscal transfers for the local level. Other priorities outlined in the budget include reviving the economy and addressing unemployment with special priority to health, agriculture, education, employment generation and tourism. It has allocated Rs. 200 million for COVID-19 control measures.

The government has allocated Rs. 40 million for construction of statutes of Ramraja Singh and Gajendra Narayan Singh, and martyr Durga Nanda Jha. Furthermore, Rs. 200 million has been appropriated for the ‘Educate Daughter, Save Daughter’ campaign and Rs. 320 for beautification of ponds and lakes in the province.

The Province no. 2 government’s budget in the current fiscal year was Rs. 33 billion 560.9 million

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