Province 2 to bear all treatment expenses of COVID-19 patients

Local News

Janakpurdham, 4 May: The Province 2 Government has decided to bear all expenses for treatment of the frontline human resources working for COVID-19 response in the province in case they are infected with COVID-19.

The meeting of the Provincial COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee took the decision towards this effect after the second wave of COVID-19 hit hard the Province, according to the Secretariat of Chief Minister.

The meeting also decided to entrust the committee led by the Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development in the Province No 2 to operate the COVID-19 treatment facilities in the private hospitals in case there were a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases in the Province.

The public and community hospitals in operation in the Province 2 will conduct PCR test, as per the decision of the Committee.

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