Raw bricks damaged due to rain

Local News

Sirha, 18 April: The rainfall following hailstone destroyed raw bricks in various brick kilns in Siraha.

Raw bricks worth around 15,000,000 were destroyed by the heavy rain in the district. Brick kiln owner Dharma Nath Sah of Goalbazaar Municipality said that hailstone following the rainfall destroyed around four lakh bricks. He said that bricks worth Rs four lakh was destroyed.

Another brick kiln owner Mohan Sah said newly-manufactured bricks were also destroyed in the rain. He added that 300,000 raw bricks were destroyed. Similarly, around 400,000 bricks were damaged in Raju Brick Kiln in Naraha Rural Municipality.

Federation of Nepal Brick Industries central member, also the district chairman, Bikram Sah, said that a brick cost Rs three. He said that the brick kiln owners were facing a big problem after rain destroyed their bricks.Sah added that the state only imposed taxes on profits but never provided any support at the time of loss. He said the state had to address the problems of brick kiln owners. Sah said that workers had left for their houses for a week after rainwater filled the ditches dug for clay.

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