RJP chief Thakur reiterates his demand for statute amendment

Local News

Parsa, 21 September : Coordinator of Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) Presidium Mahantha Thakur has suggested the government to hold intensive discussions prior to making laws in the future. Thakur was of the view that the ongoing protest by different groups is the result of poor stakeholder consultations and political parleys.

At a news conference organized by the RJP Parsa, Thakur claimed that doctors, journalists, professionals and vehicle drivers have taken to the streets due to insufficient discussions while passing from the Parliament. Saying that the government has also admitted some errors in the laws, Thakur argued that there was no alternative to its correction.

On the occasion, he said that struggles for rights would continue to happen until the grievances of the RJP in the constitution were addressed and lamented for government’s failure to implement the past pacts signed with the RJP, urging the government to implement the agreements signed between the government and RJP.

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