Statute should be amended or rewritten: DPM Yadav

Local News

Biratnagar, 26 September :  Deputy Prime Ministe, Health Minister and Federal Socialist Forum Chairperson Upendra Yadav has expressed concern about what he claimed were conspiracies being hatched against federalism.

 “It took us a long struggle to secure federalism and republicanism, and now conspiracies have already started to subvert these hard-earned gains,” said Yadav at a province-level gathering of party cadres in Biratnagar.

“It’s true that everything about federalism is not spot on, but there is no option for us but to safeguard these gains. First and foremost, we can struggle to change the system for the better,” he observed, saying that protecting these gains was the first priority of the government.

“Despite being in the coalition, we have differences regarding the statute and we still hold fast to our demand that the statute should be amended or rewritten to address the concerns of the Madhes. But we’re for sorting out all these issues through the constitutional process itself,” he added.

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