Students padlock school in Sirha

Local News

Lahan, 25 February: Students of Janata Secondary School at Laxmipur Patari rural municipality-5 of Siraha district have padlocked the school, demanding to provide salary to teachers.   

Teaching learning activities have been affected due to the lockout. The students locked their own school and ward office, citing teachers are facing problems as they have not got salary for the past one year.   

Ansu Yadav, 10th grader at the school, shared that they padlocked the school in support of the teachers saying four teachers working there in private sources have not got salary from April, 2020.   

Though the school resumed after lockdown, the teaching learning activities have been affected after teachers stopped teaching them, said students. The students have warned of padlocking the office of the rural municipality if their teachers do not get salary immediately. The students have padlocked the school for the past three days.   

A teacher under private source, Shiva Narayan Yadav, said that they have been facing problems in running their in household expenses after the school has not provided them salary since long.   

Whereas, School officiating principal Arun Kumar Yadav said that they have requested the rural municipality in written time and again regarding the salary of teachers, the rual municipality has not addressed it yet.   

The teachers would get salary soon as coordination with rural municipality is underway regarding the issue of salary, said Ward Chairperson of Laxmipur Patari-5, Mahendra Sah.   There are more than 800 students in the school.   

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