Wild elephants destroy crops in Sarlahi


Sarlahi, 11 August : A herd of three wild elephants has destroyed paddy in Ishwarpur Municipality-14, Harkathwa, in Sarlahi district.

The herd that came on Thursday night has inflicted extensive damage to the paddy crops planted by the local farmers.

According to Dhundi Raj Pokharel, a local, the herd of elephants ravaged paddy planted in five kattha of land of Padam Kumari Rai, two kattha each of Lal Bahadur Tamang, Dan Bahadur Rai, Jeevan Sunuwar, Ravi Sunuwar, Ramkumar Sunuwar and Madan Bahadur Basnet.

The marauding elephants have been feeding off paddy, maize, sugarcanes and vegetables planted by the farmers, as well as destroyed dozens of houses. That has left worried the farmers rattled.

A team led by Division One Chief Madhav Prasad Dev inspected the area on Friday afternoon and said that relief packages would be provided to the affected farmers.

In addition, the wild elephant that appeared in the district some three months ago has been unleashing a wave of terror, killing two locals in Ishwarpur and Hariwan.

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