Akshay Nawami celebrated in Mithila region


Janakpurdham, November 18: Akshay Nawami festival is being celebrated in Mithila area.

This festival is being celebrated according to the tradition of celebrating Kattik Shukla Nawami. Also known as Dhatru Nawami and Ichcha Nawami in Mithila it is considered to be a festival involving group meals.

During the festival on the day of Kattik Shukla Nawami, there is a Maithil tradition of eating food by stating at the base of Amla (Dhatru) tree. On the occasion of the festival, the youths have been preparing for mass meal in the villages and towns of Mahottari district since this morning. In this festival, it is customary to cook the food near the house, in the garden or at the base of the amla tree in the forest. Only vegetarian food including special amla dishes (pickles, marmalade and chutney) are savoured during this festiaval.

Mahesh Kumar Jha of Bardibas Municipality-2, who is familiar with the Maithil culture and tradition, said that the festival gives the message to increase the use of amla in food as the cold weather is approaching.

For the festival, especially teenagers and youths are seen busy arranging forest picnics. Shiv Narayan Jha, a resident of Balwa Bazaar in Balwa Municipality of the district says that the participation of teenagers and youths in the cultural festival will help in the preservation, development and continuity of the culture.

Medical Officer of Bardibas Hospital Dr Sunil Dahal said that the tradition of emphasizing regular use of amla in food in this festival has helped for health awareness.

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