Electricity imports from India increased by 187 percent


Kathmandu, Januaty 15: The amount of electricity that Nepal imports from India has increased by 187 percent in one month.

Nepal, which has been wasting the domestically produced electricity in rainy season, has been becoming more dependent on electricity import in winter.

Nepal, which imported 2.985 million units of electricity from India on December 16, has imported 85.40 million units of electricity on January 12. This is 187 percent more than on June 1. This is the highest import since the onset of this year’s winter.

Similarly, domestic production has decreased by about 20 percent as compared to December 16.

While 87.18 million units of electricity was supplied from the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) project, NEA’s subsidiary company had supplied 54.27 million units and private sector projects had supplied 97.57 million units to 29.086 million units on December 16.

As per the statistics of January 12, the NEA projects have supplied 82.25 million units whereas, 39.63 million units has been derived from subsidiary companies and 85.40 million units from the private sector. It shows only 23.902 million units was supplied domestically.

Compared to June 1, 2021, the domestic electricity generated on January 12 this year is 18 percent or 5.184 million units less.

Similarly, the electricity imported from India is 5.55 million units more than the 2.985 million units imported on December 16.

The demand for electricity is 1530 MW at the highest level on December 16 and 1588 MW on  January 12 which is only 58 MW more.

Although, the demand for electricity increased to 1700 MW in the last days of December,  it has been around 1600 MW rest of the time.

The supply was disrupted for 2/3 days as the distribution system of the Kathmandu Valley could not meet the demand of 1700 MW. The amount of electricity consumed at that time had reached about 30 million units.

Thus, the records show that there has not been an alarming increase in the demand most of the time, yet the import has gone up high.

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