Maghi festival fosters national unity: President Bhandari


 Kathmandu, January 15: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has extended best wishes to all Nepalis sisters and brothers at home and abroad on the occasion of the Maghi festival/Maghe Sankranti observed on the first day of Magh month of Nepali calendar.

 In the message of best wishes given today, President Bhandari wished all Nepalis health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

 Stating that the Maghe Sankranti or Makar Sankranti is being observed with fervor among various ethnicities while Tharus mark the day as the New Year, President Bhandari viewed that Maghi festival contributes to fostering national unity.

 The Head of the State urged all the Nepalis to take care of their health and well being and celebrate the festival adhering to health safety protocols against COVID-19.

 According to her, the Nepali society is a beautiful blend of nature and cultures and many of our festivals are interconnected to nature.

 It is said the Sun enters into the northern hemisphere from today.

 The President viewed that we should acknowledge that our practices and activities should be eco-friendly and we should conserve the environment.

 She further stated that Nepal’s unique festivities handed over from generation to generation since ancient time have elated our lives and helped shape a unique identity of Nepal.

 President Bhandari also opined that such festivities would further boost communal goodwill and tolerance.

 The festival is celebrated eating delicacies like yam, edible roots, butter, molasses, comfit with sesame seeds, and taking bath in holy rivers and ponds.

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