Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan welcomes govt decision of making public official view on Nepal-China border dispute


Kathmandu, February 8: Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan has welcomed the government declaration of forming and making public its official view on Nepal-China border dispute after studying the issue.

Issuing a statement Monday, the Abhiyan said it welcomed government Spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki announced government decision to form government official position on Chinese encroachment of Nepali territory along the northern border.

The statement stated that it is the common responsibility of ordinary citizens to raise voice against ongoing encroachment of Nepali land by the Chinese side. The Abhiyan, recalling that it has always been advocating Nepal’s territorial independence and sovereignty, reminded that it appealed the international community on Monday to side with Nepal in relation to Chinese encroachment of Nepali territory.

The civil society group also thanked the government for taking a decision to make public an official view on the issue after undertaking the necessary study.


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