Madhes Pradesh Assembly meeting today


Janakpurdham, February 22: The state assembly meeting of Madhes Pradesh is being held today afternoon.

According to the Provincial Assembly Secretariat, the resolution on the implementation of the Provincial Police Act submitted by the government in the previous meeting will be discussed in the meeting of the Provincial Assembly to be held at 2 pm.

The resolution was tabled by Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Bharat Prasad Sah at a meeting of the state assembly.

In the meeting, State Assembly members Gyanendra Kumar Yadav, Rabindra Baitha, Jagat Prasad Yadav, Zainul Rain, Parameshwar Sah, Shiv Chandra Chaudhary, Naresh Kumar Yadav, Abhiram Sharma, Kishori Sah (Kamal), Reena Yadav, Ram Ashish Yadav and others expressed their views on the resolution brought by the government.

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