Assurance given to promote historic Janaki Temple


Janakpurdham, July 19 : Madhesi Commission's chair Bijay Kumar Dutta has given assurance that efforts would be undertaken to conserve the Janakpur-based historic Ramjanaki Temple.   

In his address to a program entitled 'the present situation of Janaki Temple' organized by the Hindu Council Nepal and Mithila Culture Society Nepal here today, he said he was concerned over the news that jewels from the Janaki Temple were stolen.   

Chair Dutta said he would inquire about the progress in regard to the investigation into the matter with the bodies concerned. "It is urgent to check the fact of the news and find out how the valuable objects were stolen from the temple."   

Stating that he had heard of the temple has its own land and other means of income as well, but still, its condition is poor, he said cooperation would be sought from the Department of Archeology, Guthi Sanstha, and bodies concerned to know the real picture of the ancient heritage.   

Commission secretary Anjan Mishra said the placing of an information board in the temple area is necessary for the convenience of visitors while Department officer Manju Singh Bhandari said the temple features unique architecture and it is abundantly beautiful. Mishra urged one and all to contribute for the preservation and promotion of the temple.   

Central president of the Hindu Council Nepal, Santosh Patel alleged that the Ramjanaki Temple of Mithila which remains an important heritage of the country not being included in the list of world heritage sites is due to the weakness on the part of the Department and the Guthi Sansthan.   

"If the Department and the Commission still do not orient themselves towards the conservation of the Ramjanaki Temple, the condition of this important heritage will deteriorate further," he said.   

Council Nepal's advisor Dr Sabari Shah said that the condition of the Janaki Temple has been deteriorating day by day after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and it is necessary for holding extensive discussions among the bodies concerned for the conservation of the nation's asset.   

The Commission has, through a press release today, stated that valuable ornaments worth billions of rupees were lost from the temple. Similarly, it said ancient artistic golden pinnacles used in the dome and spires were also missing while the diamond-studded eyes of a pair of artistic stone lion sculptures placed over the northern gate of the temple were stolen. 

It mentions that valuable articles like gaulochan, gajamani and syalko Singh which were said to be in the temple have not been archived yet.   

The speakers in the program also drew the attention of the bodies concerned to the need of strictly prohibit the sale of fish, meat, and alcohol near the temple premises as well as not to allow cameras, mobiles, shoes and sandals, and leather belts inside the temple to maintain its sanctity.  

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