Chinese Ambassador calls on leader Khanal


Kathmandu, 14 February : Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Ms Hou Yanqui called on Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s leader and former Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal. During the meeting took place at Khanal’s Dallu-based private residence, the two discussed about long-existing Nepal-China relations.

Stating that Nepal had entered a new era of economic development and social transformation, the former prime minister apprised the ambassador of the long-standing culture of mutual cooperation between the two close neighbours. He said he was hopeful that Nepal would get assistance on a wider scale from the Government of China and people there for its efforts towards the attainment of development and prosperity.

“Nepal is determined to be bound by one-China policy,” the leader said, pledging that no any activities capable of threatening this principle would be allowed to take place along Nepali territory, according to Khanal’s private secretary Krishna Bhattarai.

The ambassador expected assistance for China from Nepal during her term and said she would do her best to take the bilateral relations to a new height and increase the volume of bilateral assistance.

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