Government continuing discrimination against Madhesh, says Thakur


He said so while addressing a protest assembly organisedin Kalaiya of Bara district to express reservations over the new constitution. The party has been terming September 19, when the new constitution was promulgated, as a black day.

He was of the opinion that the amendment of the constitution is essential as the government has been showing discriminatory behaviour to certain people on the basis of colour.

“The government has violated the preamble of interim constitution, new constitution and political agreements,” he said. “The government has not hand over the victory certificate to elected lawmaker of Kailali Resham Chaudhary yet. We have raised the issue with Prime Minister and Home Minister, but in vain,” Thakur added.

He warned that the Madhesi people could “explode” any time if their demand of constitution amendment is not addressed.

The party had also organised a demonstration in Kailali Sub-Metropolitan City expressing reservations over the constitution.

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