More than 20 injured along with wife of Ram Manohar


Nepalgunj, 5 October : More than 20 people have been injured with police attack including Ram Manohar Yadav's wife, who died while in police custody.

The victim family and struggle committee announced the closure of the district on Friday, saying the police had been countered their peaceful rally. The police attacked on demonstraters with stick when they demonstrated against police and dozens of people have been injured.

The victim family and struggle committee announced a peaceful movement to stop public transportation in all the places seeking justice for Yadav. Likewise, about 20 people have been arrested from various places. The injured are being treated at local hospitals and medical centers. Among injured people, Yadav's wife Sunita Yadav was also injured. Anwar Khan, Bishnu Prasad Yadav and others were arrested.

Meanwhile, the demonstration is still continued. The victim family and struggle committee have urged human rights activists, civil society for help and support.

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