Nepali will not be charged extra money at Delhi Apollo Hospital


Pokhara, 24 February : Senior paediatric and urological surgeon of Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India, has said that Nepali citizens will not be charged extra money for health services at the hospital.

Speaking at a press meet in Pokhara, senior paediatric and urological surgeon Dr Sujit Chaudhary of the hospital said Nepali patients would not be charged extra money at the hospital like other foreigners. Dr Chaudhary also said the hospital had been providing quality health services to the patients of urology using robot technology. Dr Chaudhary claimed that robot technology had made surgeries less painful and safer.

Dr Chaudhary said even children might suffer from urological problems. “Urine leakage, and bleeding are some of the problems commonly seen among children,” he said. He claimed that the hospital had been providing world class health services at the cheaper cost in comparison to developed countries like Singapore, Australia and America. Dr Anshu Man Agrawal said the hospital would treat patients using robot technology.


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