Mahantha Thakur officially removed as co-chair


Kathmandu, 9 August: The Election Commission (EC) has updated the details of the new Executive Committee of the Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) and registered the 35-member committee.

EC Secretary Suresh Adhikari said a 35-member Executive Committee of the JSP was updated on the basis of the minutes of the decision taken by the meeting chaired by Upendra Yadav faction who were recognized as the official party by the EC.

With the EC updating JSP details, Mahanta Thakur is now no more the co-chair of JSP. With the exception of 16 members of Thakur’s party, the status of Thakur, Rajendra Mahato, Sarat Singh Bhandari and others has become that of ordinary members.

The JSP was formed by the merger of the erstwhile Thakur-led Rastriya Janata Party (JSP) and Yadav-led Samajbadi Party (SP) last year. However, in course of time, disputes surfaced in the JSP and Yadav claimed the legitimacy of the party.

Earlier, the JSP Executive Committee was 51-member body. Of the 51 members, 34 sided with Yadav and 16 with Thakur with one Resham Chaudhary remaining neutral.

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