JSP Chairperson Upendra Yadav seeking post of DPM


Kathmandu, October 3: Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Chairperson Upendra Yadav has shown interest in joining the government by taking over the post of the Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

Yadav wants to become the Deputy Prime Minister and hold a position at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure. However, PM Sher Bahadur Deuba has not shown any interest in appointing anyone to the post. It is speculated that the Deuba-led government will have to appoint someone from the Ram Chandra Poudel-led faction of NC to the post of Deputy Prime Minister if he gives the post to JSP. Leaders close to Deuba say that the government will face backlashes and lose its reputation if they elect three Deputy Prime Ministers.

According to leaders close to Yadav, a dispute in the party will surge regarding the change of the leadership if Yadav fails to join the government. Rajendra Shrestha, Mahendra Yadav and Renu Yadav are willing to join the government under their leadership. A few days ago, Yadav had announced not to join the government this time. However, Yadav said that no discussion has been made on the decision so far. “Nothing has been decided regarding me joining the government so far. A discussion within the party will be made on the topic,” Yadav informed.

Discussions between the ruling coalition partners have not reached an agreement regarding the distribution of the ministerial portfolios, even though Yadav had shown interest in the post of Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure. Yadav said that the discussion on the distribution of ministries will take place from Sunday. He also said that the cabinet could not get full shape due to the disagreements over the distribution of the ministries among the ruling coalition.

The Chairman of the Federal Council of JSP, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Rajendra Shrestha, Mahedra Yadav and Renu Dahal don't want Yadav to join the government. Bhattarai wants the JSP to join the government under Shrestha’s leadership. However, Mahendra Yadav and other leaders of JSP think that the party will lose its support from Madesh toward Mahantha Thakur and Rajendra Mahato led-party if Shrestha is appointed the leader and joins the government. Due to this, Mahendra Yadav and Renu Dahal have shown their interest in joining the government.

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