Oli says Supreme Court had colluded to reinstate parliament


Biratnagar, November 10: CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has alleged that the Supreme Court (SC) decision to reinstate the dissolved parliament was influenced by a collusion nexus among judiciary, political leaders and parties.

Speaking at a party program in Biratnagar Monday, the UML chair said the SC had ruled in an unjust, unconstitutional and undemocratic manner.

“The justices are revealing the nexus of collusion now. It was done through setting. Somebody was promised minister’s portfolio, someone else was to be ambassador and I think there is much more behind the curtain. Only few deals have surfaced, more might be known later,” he said.

Former Prime Minister Oli said the court itself could not uphold its dignity. “It isn’t enough that we accept the apex court’s verdicts. Verdicts should be issued in such a manner that raise the judiciary’s stature,” he said.

Oli said the SC had exercised the power of the president when it ordered the reinstatement of parliament and the appointment of Sher Bahadur Deuba as prime minister. He further added that the decision was unconstitutional.

He also slammed the incumbent ruling coalition saying  the five partners in the coalition faced in five different directions and thus the five-faced government could not be trusted.

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