Upendra  Yadav says people will make another constitution if existing one not amended


Rupendhi, November 11: Chairman of Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) Upendra Yadav has warned that if the current constitution is not amended then the people will make another constitution.

Speaking at a program organized in Rupendehi Monday, Yadav said the amendment of the constitution was inevitable as it was drafted by the anti-federalists. “The constitution drafted by the Nepali Congress and the Communists is flawed,” Yadav said, adding, “It should be amended or else the people will make another constitution.”

Stating that the demarcation and naming of seven provinces was impractical and unscientific, Yadav said 10 provinces were appropriate as per the report of the High Level State Restructuring Commission. “The state should be made autonomous and empowered.”

Chairman Yadav said that every class and community should have proportional representation in the state bodies on the basis of population. He added that the electoral system should be fully proportional as the current electoral is very expensive.


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