Election Commission steps up election preparations


Kathmandu, February 13: The Election Commission (EC) has intensified preparations for the local level election slated for May 13, said Secretary Gokarna Mani Dawadi at a news conference here on Sunday.

As part of the preparations, the EC has approved the election schedule. Under the election schedule, the EC would work for finalizing voters’ list, management of equipment and materials for the poll, registration of political parties, preparation and launch of voter’s education campaigns, publication of election programs, the appointment of election officers and establishment of election offices and implementation of election code of conduct will take place.

Likewise, activities like fixing polling stations and centers, mobilization of the workforce, launching training programs, arrangements for election supervision and monitoring, management of ballot papers, registrations of candidates’ nomination, providing election symbol, publicity of election-related activities, printing, supply and distribution of voters’ identity cards, security management and vote count and election result announcement will be carried out, said the EC’s Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel.

Nepal citizens above 18 years of age can cast their vote, according to the constitution. Registration in the voters’ list has halted on December 30, 2021. The number of the total voters in the country is estimated to be 17.9 million until May 12, the day before the election date, said Sharma.

Management of budget for the poll has reached its final stage and approximately Rs 12 billion is estimated for it, he said. Preparations are underway to draft the election code of conduct, workforce management directives, financial directives, local level election directives, election monitoring directives, security management directives, voting directives, vote count directives and voters education program implementation directives, it has been informed.

With the announcement of election date, the offices of the EC remain open from 9 am to 6 pm and even during holidays. Likewise, a task force has been formed to carry out a feasibility study of the use of an electronic voting system after discussions with experts and submit the report within seven days.

The EC will organize a press conference twice a week (Monday and Thursday) to inform the public of its election-related activities. Similarly, it publishes e-bulletin on daily election activities.

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