Anil Jha has been shattered by just receiving welcome and congratulations


Kathmandu, 23 June: For the first time after being appointed as a minister, the post of a minister who came to the home district to receive welcome and congratulations from well-wishers has been shattered.

The decision of the Supreme Court came while the Minister of Water Supply Anil Kumar Jha was receiving a reception at the district headquarters of Rautahat. While the program of welcome and congratulations and congratulations was going on, the post of the minister was vacated but the program was not stopped.

Some had commented in the program room after the minister's post was vacated while the program was being held in Gaur by the Municipal Committee of Jaspa. A large group, excited at the minister's welcome, returned disappointed.

After Minister Jha's arrival in the home district, great preparations were made for the reception. A large number of JSP cadres had reached Chandrapur. Hundreds of vehicles greeted the minister and took him to Gaur. Some youths showed black flags in Garuda.

The Area Police Office, Garuda, had arrested three people for displaying black flags. On the one hand, while there was a wave of welcome and congratulations, on the other hand, Minister Jha felt embarrassed after losing his post.

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