I'm stunned to hear about Oli's ignorance about Mahato's movement : Bamdev


Kathmandu, 7 June: Former Deputy Prime Minister and ruling CPN-UML leader Bamdev Gautam is stunned at Prime Minister KP Oli’s ‘ignorance’ about recently appointed Deputy Prime Minister Rajendra Mahato’s controversial remark made after the swear-in ceremony.

Influencing UML leader Gautam, on his irate comment on Facebook, expressed his dissatisfaction at PM Oli for the latter’s submissiveness towards the Janata Samajbadi Nepal (JSP) leader and their unconstitutional remarks.

Newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Urban Development Minister Rajendra Mahato dragged himself into controversy through his comment about his campaign for multi-nationalism. Within minutes of being sworn in on Friday, he made the controversial statement that he had joined the government to establish the agenda for multi-nationalism.

JSP leader Mahato has been advocating for multi-nationality in Nepal irrespective of the constitutional provisions defying such aspirations. Mahato’s remark has drawn wide criticism from all sectors.

“In less than half an hour of swearing-in in the name of constitution, DPM Mahato claimed that he has not stopped his movement for multi-nation and multi-states, his remarks are deplorable and deserve defiance and refusal,” Gautam wrote, “I am stunned to hear about PM Oli’s ignorance about Mahato’s movement.”


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