Madhesi politician Gajendra Narayan Singh conferred Mahaujjwal Rastradeep Award


The Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the honors, decorations and awards including the Nepal Ratna Manpadvi were announced on the occasion of the Constitution Day- 2075 BS.

Likewise, Chief Justice Om Prakash Mishra is the winner of Suprasiddha Prabal Janasewa Shree (first class) while the 'Ujjwal Kirtimaya Rastradeep-(second class)' is to be conferred on Dr Balkrishna Pokhrel and Jagman Gurung

Likewise, 96 people are to be honored with the 'Suprabal Jana Sewa Shree (third class)' and Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, the writer of the Madan prize-winning book 'Jeevan Kanda ki Phool', is the winner of the 'Kirtimaya Rastradeep (fourth class)' and 162 individuals from different walks of life have been chosen for the 'Prabal Jana Sewa Shree ( fourth class )'. A total of 74 are the winners of the 'Jana Sewa Shree (fifth class)'.

One has been selected for the 'Rastra Sewa Padak'; two for the 'Sagarmatha Padak'; 34 for the 'Sukirti Padak'; 17 for the 'Birata Padak'; six for the ' Saurya Padak'; 23 for the 'Natural Disaster Victim Rescue Award' and three are the winners of the 'Bikash Ratna Padak'.

The awards will be conferred on winners by the President at a special ceremony after some time.

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