Province 2 Assembly summoned for Monday


Province 2 Assembly summoned for Monday

Janakpur, 12 April: The fifth session of Province-2 Assembly will be taking place on Monday- first time after around six months. It is mandatory for the Province to ensure its regular session in six months. According to PA Parliament Secretariat officiating secretary Ranjit Yadav, the fourth session of Province 2 was concluded on October 20 last year.

As Yadav said, though a business advisory committee meeting was called before the PA session, it has not been possible as the names of new faces on the committee are yet to be finalised.

It requires to reshuffle the committee in the aftermath of the split of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and the unification of the Janata Samajbadi Party. The meeting has been uncertain as the related parties are yet to recommend the names of people representing in the committee.


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