Province 2 to seek central govt’s help to solve inundation problem


Parsa, 23 October : Province 2 Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut has said the federal government would be urged for help to solve the problems caused by inundation in the district.

The Chief Minister said this while inspecting Jirbhawani rural municipality and Paterwa Sugauli rural municipality which are often inundated with the floods in Bhaluwai stream.

Chief Minister Raut further said he would take the initiative immediately to seek help from the central government.

On the occasion, Minister for Physical Infrastructure, Jitendra Sonal, however, directed the chief of the irrigation office in the district to seek measures to reduce the effects of the inundation problem.

More than a dozen villages around the Bhaluwai stream are bearing the brunt of the inundation every year. As the course of the stream is changed from time to time, thousand bighas of arable land is made uncultivable.

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