Raj Kishor Yadav and Amrita Agrahari refuse to sign Mahanta Thakur’s letter at EC


Kathmandu, 29 June: Senior leaders of Janata Samjbadi Party (JSP) Mahnatha Thakur faction Raj Kishor Yadav and Amrita Agrahari have refused to sign the letter to election commission sent on behalf of the executive members.

According to JSP sources, both Yadav and Agrahari are not satisfied with the Thakur faction

“The faction that took action against Chairman Upendra Yadav blaming him of not consulting everyone has been deciding at the whims and interest of leaders duo Mahantha Thakur and Rajendra Mahato,” a leader disgruntled with Thakur faction said.

According to sources, Yadav and Agrahari are not dissatisfied as the Thakur faction has been deciding unilaterally claiming them as executive meetings without consulting the executive committee members.

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