Second SA session of province 1 concludes


Biratnagar, 9 October: The second session of the State Assembly of province 1 concluded. In the concluding session, Speaker Pradeep Kumar Bhandari said the second session that kicked off on May 31 endorsed 12 bills and met for 58th times, spending 60 hours.

In his address to the concluding session, province Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai said increased political understanding and awareness was there in the province and the sense of responsibility towards the people was high among the SA members. He went on to say that federalism was a new practice for Nepal and despite challenges in its implementation, the province recorded significant accomplishments in this period.

As he stated, the province government budget programmes had been affected in absence of required laws need to be enacted by the federal government and sufficient human resources. He utilised the moment to say that media reports about the issues of determination of province capital and name were not fact-based. He promised to finalise the name and capital of the province in the beginning of the upcoming third session.

SA member Rajib Koirala of the Nepali Congress claimed that the province succeeded in accomplishing more task than other provinces during its second session. Federal Socialist Forum Nepal's Jayaraj Yadav was of the view of sorting out the name and capital-related issues on the basis of mutual political understandings.

Another SA member Indira Rai insisted on the need of support and cooperation from all quarters to make the province competent.

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