This latest revisionism comes soon after PM Oli’s attempt at territorial grab, by including in the map of Nepal around 325 sq. km of Indian territory in Uttarakhand.


On July 10, Havildar Sambur Gurung (36), a soldier from Nepal serving in the Gurkha regiment, was killed in cross-border firing along the Line of Control in Nowshera sector of Jammu.


Mahendra P LamaFor a country with 14 neighbours, China remained a regional power without a regional policy for a long time.


It would appear to be so from Prime Minister KP Oli’s actions to whip up anti-India hysteria. What does he hope to achieve from it?


Just as one thought India-Nepal relations were on the mend – as New Delhi had resigned to the China-friendly, K.P. Oli-led Nepal Communist Party ...


The United States House of Representatives passed Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 (UHRP) on May 27, 2020.


It is ironic that China should be counseling India to be ‘reasonable’ after it has presented India with a fait accompli by occupying a certain area on...


As the parliament in Nepal gets ready to approve a new map that will include parts of Indian territory in Uttarakhand, Delhi is bracing for yet another knock ...


Equity infusion will be done through the Fund of Funds. Equity funding will be provided for MSMEs with growth potential and viability.


The government has decided to extend the last date for Income Tax Returns to June 30, 2020, and filing GST returns to the end of June 2020.


Prime Minister Modi, in the second week of May, announced a 20 lakh crore economic package intending to make India self-reliant in the post corona world ...


The noose of financial burden is getting tighter for Pakistan every passing day, as China has not yet cleared funding for three major highway projects on the western alignment under...


NAM must remain united at this critical hour and support multilateralism and global cooperation to defeat COVID-19 and to help achieve the shared aspiration of peace, stability and prosperity.


The common people have been suffering from shortage of medical supplies immediately after the spread and now even in getting groceries in the market is increasing the anxiety of common man. The directions to close public spaces and restrictions on the movement of people imposed in communism style have aggravated the panic.


The percentage of non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan has come down drastically since 1947 because of the state policy of coercive marginalisation and brutal suppression of their fundamental freedom.


COVID-19, also known as coronavirus disease 2019, is a new illness caused by a previously unknown virus called SARS-Cov-2, discovered first in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China and has resulted in an ongoing pandemic. 


New Delhi, 14 April : Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced that the current lockdown in India will be extended till May 3, saying it is very necessary to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.


China is being condemned worldwide for hiding as well as mishandling the coronavirus outbreak thanks to country’s supreme leader Xi Jinping, whose governance model has seen a system-wide collapse of professional ethics and commitment during his tenure.


Over the years, Beijing failed in convincing people of Taiwan to join the mainland China with every possible trick in its book including militarily threats.


successfully with both China and India. With a strong patriarchal and feudal culture embedded in Hinduism, rituals dominate Nepali life. With people from the Bahun (Brahmin) community dominating the bulk of leadership in politics and bureaucracy, there is much emphasis on rituals rather than an understanding of the deeper issues.


Tulsi Mehar Shresth was born in Kathmandu in 1896. From an early age, he showed signs of being a social reformer. He became one of the leaders of the Satyacharan Malami Guthi that worked to end outdated death related rites and rituals in Nepal.


The US Indo-Pacific Strategy is sure to continue this mentality.  There is something in common between the Indo-Pacific Strategy and India’s concerns about China’s rise.


The US is not the first country to offer to mediate. Former South African president Nelson Mandela and incumbent Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg used to offer third-party mediation. But India has shut out all countries’ offers, which has escalated tensions in Kashmir.


It is for the first time that within the Pakistan Army there has been a polarization between pro-US and pro-China camps. It is no secret that even during the worst of times for the US-Pakistan bilateral relations, Pentagon had maintained deeper interactions with Pak military.


The story of Sikh transporters is legendary in Nepal. In the early 1950s, hailing from the Jammu region, many of them personally navigated the newly laid tracks of the Tribhuvan Highway, and crossed rivers to haul their trucks to Kathmandu. They also started the first public bus service in the country, and have been active in the setting up of modern schools in the country.