Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali has visited Delhi for a bilateral meeting. External affairs minister, S Jaishankar, his counterpart as co-chair of the...


The sudden dissolution of the House of Representatives (HoR) and ensuing split in the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has astonished both domestic and external observers alike.


After the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the politics of Nepal is now polarized establishing PM Oli as the sole leader on one side and the ...


On December 22 turned out to be a day of tragedy for the Nepali communist movement. The day saw the vertical split of...


For more than a week now, sugarcane farmers from the southern district of Sarlahi have continued their peaceful demonstration in the heart of ..


Pro-monarchy demonstrations have not been particularly unusual in Nepal since the country adopted a Federal Democratic-Republican system in 2008.


Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla visited in Nepal on November 26. Shringla’s visit follows the recent trips of Indian intelligence and military chiefs, who directly report to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


This visit was expected to reset Nepal-India relations after it reached the lowest ebb following the publication of maps by the both sides.


The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is embroiled in the crisis of unity. Two leaders, who had pioneered unity of the two major communist parties - Prime Minister...


India, even as it respects Nepali sovereignty, sees the Nepal army as a friend which will respect its security sensitivities, while for the Nepal army, the Indian Army has been the first port of call during crises.


Two things are noteworthy here. One, R&AW has had a substantial role in the neighbourhood in general and Nepal in particular. It not only ensures that the Indian system is on top of information and changing dynamics, but has been an instrument for action — as is the role of any intelligence agency.


As the highest political leaderships of Nepal and India are yet to come to terms over Nepal’s assertive move to recover its encroached territories in the far-west, military diplomacy has been activated to open communication channel to get their bilateral relations back on track.


Covid-19 crisis could kick starts a digital revolution in agriculture. It is because digital technologies provide the agricultural industry with tools and information to make correct decisions timely and improve productivity.


The governance gaps occur when sovereignty-constitutive public institutions are weak and ineffectual to execute shared tasks while sovereignty-free bichaulias (middle men) and interest groups are powerful enough to drain


Nepal and China are engaged in a boundary row in Humla after the Chinese side allegedly built 11 buildings in a remote part of the district that Nepal ...


Five years has passed since the promulgation of Constitution of Nepal 2015, nothing has changed and no political leaders have shown complete thrust on it.


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has passed the halfway mark of his five-year tenure in office.


In 2014, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Nepal twice within a gap of six months, and after a gap of 17 years by any Indian prime ...


KP Oli is now halfway through his term as prime minister. With almost a two-thirds majority, there was much hope that he would show the kind of ...


The government of Province 2 badly failed to control Covid-19. The increasing cases of COVID-19 and deaths are a testimony to this bitter reality.


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli dialled Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to wish India on its 74th Independence Day, the first direct contact between the two leaders in...


Given the current political power struggle in the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s choice is narrowing down and only way for him to escape from the crisis is to choose the least dangerous one or to retain the glory.


As the KP Oli camp and Dahal-Nepal camp in the ruling Nepal Communist Party are firm on their previous stance, the deadlock in the party has prolonged.


The ongoing dispute in the ruling Nepal Communist Party is just for sharing power by toppling KP Sharma Oli, it is not a dispute based on political ideology.


Nepali Congress’ founding leader B.P. Koirala was remembered by the NC leaders on his 38th death anniversary on 21 July.