Every monsoon it is the same old story. The monsoon rains trigger landslides and floods, roads and bridges are washed off and villages in the plains get inundated.


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli came to power in February 2018 mainly due to the nationalist stance he took against the implicit embargo imposed by India against...


On 22 June, the parliamentary State Affairs and Good Governance Committee endorsed an amendment bill on the citizenship Act 2063, with the provision ...


The uniqueness of Nepal-India relation has its genesis in the pervasive culture which in turn is based mainly on the two great Hindu epics - Ramayana...


The national unity shown in Nepal’s parliament to amend the constitution and adopt the revised map of Nepal is a unique, bold and commendable step.


The COVID-19 infection and thereby the lockdown has been paralysing the whole world, including Nepal. This epidemic is different from other crises...


The government presented an annual budget of Rs 1,474 billion for fiscal year 2020/2021.


When the Indian government opened the Kailash Mansarovar road from Pithoragarh to Tibet Autonomous Region...


Fresh border tension has erupted between India and Nepal after New Delhi inaugurated a new link road at Lipulekh near the India-Nepal-China trijunction.


 India and its people nowadays have become victims of the false narratives that minorities especially Muslims are not safe in the country.


COVID-19 is disrupting major activities in agriculture and supply chains.


Nepal’s fight against coronavirus appears to be successful going by the count of the people infected, isolated, treated and recovered.


The current pandemic, by contrast, is more likely to reinforce three preexisting-and highly destructive-trends: deglobalization, unilateralism, and authoritarian surveillance capitalism.


COVID-19 awareness


The central ritual of Holi is the throwing and applying of colored water and powders on friends and family, which gives the holiday its common name “Festival of Colors.”


Bold and result-oriented intervention is now required for Chure. Not only our ecology, but the livelihood of millions is at stake.


The new budget also has certain drawbacks which might have direct implications in Nepal’s economy.


And no death issue or cases are there to viral havoc of the Novel Coronavirus in Nepal. We are ready to welcome the guests from other corona safe countries to continue the tour and trek in Himalayan regions.


The government must scrap the erroneous decision taken by the Nepal-led government in 2010 so as not to allow the malicious transfer of ownership of public land to individuals.


Sugarcane farmers have suffered a lot during their struggle for justice. They should not be made to suffer anymore.


This day commemorates the historic moment when India became the Independent Republic after years of struggle.


Theoretically all three Madhes revolts remained successful but politically they all failed.


The country has much potential for the development and promotion of tourism; not but what, it has not been able to make desired headway in the tourism sector


Sugarcane farmers have suffered a lot during their struggle for justice. They should not be made to suffer anymore.


The changing political scenario is to unfold some dramatic moves in the days to come.