It is likely that the Socialist would backtrack from the government once the RJPN incorporated in the government.


The daily schedule of Chief Ministers, Ministers and State Ministers spent in the program inauguration, speech and meetings.


Since this was the first election for the Janamat Party, the election had offered a good opportunity for political recognition. The future of CK Raut can’t be predicted right now.


As the government has failed even to publish its political map to give counter to the controversial political map published by the India, the people in general have also been raising questions marks over the motive and intention of the government for dillydallying to hold talks with the Indian government.


As the government has spent almost two years in office, it is the right time to swing into full action to speed up the economy. All the ministers should act in full gear to meet the people’s expectations.


Nepali Constitution has enfranchised women, Dalits, Madhesi, Janajatis, tribal and minorities with a new identity of equal citizens.


After suffering isolation from rest of the country and consequential low realization of Madhes’ economic potential, this surprising turnaround to a pro-Madhes profile of the government is encouraging and welcome.


Police investigation has shown that Alam had killed at least eight of the injured witnesses in a brick kiln.


It will be of great strategic significance and interest for the three neighbors – China, India and Nepal – to establish an economic corridor and build a community with a shared future.


May Goddess Durga bless the political leaders with positive minds by evacuating their ill-intention. May Goddess Durga bless all the Nepalis for positivity, good health, happiness, peace and prosperity and protect this heavenly country from the evils.


As many Madhesis, Tharus and indigenous groups marked September 20, Constitution Day, as a ‘black day’.


This is a very, very important development. The pipeline connects India seamlessly to Nepal underlining the fact that geography favours India-Nepal relations naturally.


The cordial and cooperative relations that exist between Nepal and China are not limited to the official level alone.


India will cooperate and help Nepal in the Tourism sector keeping in mind Nepal’s mission for its program Visit Nepal Year 2020.


While celebrating independence, their forehead will be held high, but at the same time they must also decide that it is their collective responsibility to protect this freedom and dedicate this freedom to the people of independent India.


The Oli government has shown prudence and wisdom by allocating a great deal of budget for the economic transformation of the Madhesh.


The pipeline will be a boon for the country.


Flood and rain do not have anything to do with politicians. Floods do not come to make a politician nationalist.


Natural disasters like flooding and landslides are inevitable given the terrain of the country and we should be prepared for impending disasters.


Eighty per cent of the total flows on Nepal’s rivers are derived from monsoon rains in three months.


IIFA will help Nepal position in international tourism market through the involvement of Bollywood artists and it would be instrumental in promoting Nepal's tourism ahead of the upcoming 'Visit Nepal Year 2020' with the aim to attract two million tourists.


Destruction of the Chure puts more than 10 million Nepali plains-dwellers and millions more in India at risk of floods. This is not a natural disaster, but an environmental one.


Even if the two Madhes-based parties have shown spirit for the talks, they are likely to hit the ideological snag.


PM Oli raised the issue to review the tripartite agreement signed between Nepal, Britain and India.


Province 2 also focus on education to girl child, control foetus killing, safe motherhood among others, with the government’s assurance of necessary laws and regulations for the purpose.