Madhesh is a rich mosaic of cultures, ethnicities, traditions and religions.


India is a regional power. It will pursue a balanced foreign policy. There are countries that it will have to pay respect to and there are countries which it can exert its power over. So, the approach would be to maintain a balance.


Mithila culture is special and rituals that decently gives the message of unity and diversity with all people and all society.


Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia are being held together by a common strand of Buddhist philosophy.


Nepal-China cooperation is built around the commitment for working together to build a shared future.


The country needs to apply latest technologies available so that weather related disasters can be forecast in advance.


If Janakpur is preferred by many for the permanent capital, there are strong lobby groups that are pressing for declaring Birgunj.


The New Year would inspire all to take the country towards economic prosperity by maintaining institutional stability of the Federal Democratic Republic system.


The government must sooner than later initiate a reconstruction and rehabilitation programme so that the poor can have a roof over their head and something to get along with their life.


The government has given a positive message of political stability in the nation. With the recent amendments in some laws as stated above, it is trying to woo the investors in new Nepal where bureaucratic hassles will be checked.


With both the Raut deal and the warning to Biplav, the government now needs to show that it means business.


Some people are falsely interpreting the term ‘janaabhimat’ (people’s mandate) as synonymous with janamat sangraha (referendum).


Why the Election Commission accepted Chaudhary’s candidacy even after a murder case was filed against him?


Pakistan is a longstanding U.S. ally, although ties have been rocky at the best of times.


Beti Padhau, Beti Bachau is a vital step towards spreading education among girls and women and building a more equitable society.


Prime Minister KP Oli has completed one year in office, becoming the first PM in almost three-and-a-half years to retain the post for at least a year. This in itself is an achievement in Nepal, which has seen 25 prime ...


The US as an old friend of Nepal should contribute to building its real economy instead of engaging it in a strategic game that weakens its ability to deliver lasting peace, development and prosperity to its citizens.


The left government needs to unswervingly put its mind and effort in prioritising strategic projects and implementing them at all costs.


A stable Nepal will work out well for India’s own security interests.


One of the biggest achievements of Madhesh movements is that Madheshi got a renewed sense of dignity and pride in their own identity.


Madhesis want to be equal citizens of this country but the major political parties view their demands as communal and even against the national interests.


The formation of new government after the elections to House of Representatives and provincial parliaments has paved way for political stability.


It is imperative that the centre should take steps to minimise conflicts with the government of Province 2.


If this party fails to make use of the Mahasamiti meeting to infuse its rank with new life blood, it may never get another opportunity knocking at its door again.


The government is making preparations to observe 2020 as Visit Nepal Year with a target to bring in 2 million tourists. And there is good news in this regard as any Indian Chief Minister visited Nepal.