Bibaha Panchami contributes in consolidating and deepening the centuries-old relations between the people of Nepal and India.


As internal conflict deepens, Mahato has been trying to pacify Thakur by declaring him a towering leader.


As has been pointed out above, Nepal’ economy has gone through a mediocre performance—reflected in the fact that the realized level of economic growth has just been a third to one-half of what could have been possible with available inputs, technology, and the amount of international support the country has received.


There is the need to promote the Madhesh region and preserve its historic, religious and cultural heritage sites.


Some diabolic elements have been hell-bent on spreading the heresies of separate Madhes at the behest of foreign forces.


If the stalemate persists even after Chhath, it is not farfetched to imagine the two parties making common cause with extremists like CK Raut


May Goddess Durga bless all the Nepalis for positivity, good health, happiness, peace and prosperity and protect this heavenly country from the evils.


The airport is the latest example of the need to balance economic needs with environmental protection, even though the main argument against the project is its cost and economic viability.


It is no secret that the major political parties perfunctorily accepted federalism under pull and push of internal as well as external pressures. Federalism is about ensuring self-rule and shared rule between the three tiers of government through the judicious allocation of resources among them, but its opponents claim that federalism was foisted on Nepal as per the Indo-European design to create multiple power centres.


Madhesi parties won a comfortable majority in Province 2 and a good number of seats in the Parliament not because they were popular but because they led the Madhesi movement demanding amendment to the constitution.


It was blatant violation of democratic principles to detain somebody just for waving black flag at a minister. The police were part of the government and the government was thus responsible for Yadav’s death.


The state government has a leadership role in resolving the problems faced by the state government.