We have been celebrating Sacrifice Day every year in the memory of Ramesh Mahato, the first martyr of the Madhes movement.


The NCP was sent by the general public with a two-thirds majority. No matter how hard he tried, KP Oli got the majority in the last election. The constitution...


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been working contrary to the responsibility given by the people under the leadership of the Communist Party of...


After the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister’s address is like saying whatever people want to embarrass them. There is no point in dissolving the ...


The dissolution of parliament has led to a serious constitutional crisis. News has to be analyzed on a clockwise basis. Recently, Bhim Rawal and Pampha Bhusal had tried to register a motion ...


There are various forms of violence against daughters in our society. The soul within the soul that loves


The meeting of the Central Committee of the Janmat Party is being held on November 12. Due to Covid-19, we are holding a two-day meeting online.


A series of killings of Dalits has increased across the country, including in Province 2. We have been raising our voice against the killings, violence...


The 14th general convention of the Nepali Congress has been influenced by Covid rather than internal disputes. In such a situation, our leaders are a bit hesitant about how to go to the ...


Earlier, even when RAW chief Goel came, some things had happened in this regard. This strengthens the relationship between the two countries because both countries need each other. We have everything in common with India.


The Central Committee of the JSP became very large. However, due to the unification of the two parties only a few days ago and in a transitional ...


We were in favor of peaceful sit-ins and demonstrations in front of the District Police Office.


There have been delays so far due to more names than their share. The leaders of the presidium members have not yet reached an agreement.


According to the railway procurement process, they should have arrived in Nepal 6-7 months in advance. The delayed was due to Covid-19.


There was a little bit of controversy when it came to the fact that not only the place where they built this house but also our border is a little further away.


The government of Province 5 has been aware of the increased risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Nepal.


The general convention of the Nepali Congress is not likely to be held on the scheduled date because the active member form should have been filled by mid-September, while the active form has not been received in the eight districts of Province 2 yet.


 Criticism of the government and talk of change are being criticized by Kathmandu-centric psychologists. A class community may have...


The Corona epidemic was ignored by the NCP government from the very beginning. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that it is a common disease and can be cured by drinking turmeric water.


Cloth Bank Dhanusha has launched a Home Isolation Campaign for free home-based oxygen cylinder management and other medical consultations ...


 The unification between the RJP and the Samajwadi Party took place after the fervent desire of the people and this was the first historic meeting of the...


The main reason for this is the issue of political consciousness. Everything comes from politics, policy making. After taking over politics, it is becoming easier to enslave people. We have seen the same in the case of Nepal.


The state government provided a PCR machine but did not show much interest. The traders and people here brought PCR machines with their own money but the kits were not given and no check was done.


The federal government provided a PCR machine through the state government, but it would not work if the guns were not fired. That machine also started after 45 days. But there has been no check here for the last one month. We are now hearing that there has been a community infection in Birgunj. But it cannot be confirmed that it has already happened.


Any issue is discussed within the party and the decision is taken on the basis of consensus or minority / majority. The bottom line now is that the party’s structural functions did not follow the rules and procedures.