Law, legislation and principles are not being implemented within the party at present. After the declaration of NCP unity, the party has a constitution, political documents and a manifesto.


We believe that everyone should get health care here. At present, the state government has disbursed Rs 1.22 billion for the prevention of corona virus infection.


The government is not able to test the percentage of Nepalis entering the state from outside. The budget should have...


A 53-member central executive committee of the JSP has been announced, with two members yet to be nominated.


The meeting is not going to be held as smoothly as it should have been due to the Corona disaster.


The political parties representing Tarai Madhes did not participate in the constitution-drafting process, nor did they sign the constitution...


The Government of Nepal has already issued a new map to each MP by issuing a map in the midst of a land dispute.


Three committees were formed to settle the border dispute between Nepal and India and to sign a treaty, and it has resolved the border issues of all other places. Only Kalapani and Susta areas remain.


Party leaders may suggest a complete rest for Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s health and life. His health problems also cause him to become angry at some things.


The plans to change the Prime Minister within the NCP under the pretext of that controversy were really ironic.


Contrary to the mandate given by the general Nepali people, it has become clear that the ordinance brought by amending the existing law to destabilize the entire country and create disgust towards politics is a conspiracy to push the country towards instability against its own belief of stability, stability and economic prosperity.


Of course, the government is not doing what it should have done. The only reason for this is that the government does not want to move forward with everyone.


The upcoming general convention only could determine the leadership of the party. The government has failed in every front. Terai-Madhesh is the land of democracy and the land of the Congress.  


People's representatives appear to have participated in much violence against women. Society is always traditional and conservative. The state must create alternative structures to transform traditional or conservative societies. Without the clear will and purpose, we cannot achieve such an easy goal.


It is important to understand the government's views on the demands raised by the RJP and the views of the RJP on the participation of the government.


In the context of amending the constitution, we have common issues, the constitution is incomplete and we are also one on the issue of inclusion.


In status quo, joining to the government is contrary to public sentiment and the party loses its base.


If NCP-led government addresses our demands, this cooperation will continue. Till now RJP has not formally discussed on the topic of Deputy Speaker. We have repeatedly told Upendra Yadav that we should cooperate and move forward but his intention was wrong. If the government of Province 2 is not able to function effectively, then the CM should take responsibility.


Madhesi politics is now devoid of direction.There is now a vacuum in Madhesh. There is dissatisfaction among the youth in the parties which are taking over power. In the National Assembly elections, the candidates have won and the parties have lost.There are signs of a new power equation in the Province 2.If these NCP and RJP have come together, then the Socialist Party will be fallen in the minority.The discussion of unification between RJP and Socialist Party is just a drama.RJP's alliance with NCP is just for power.There is a possibility of amending the constitution and other issues of Madhesh can be expected to be addressed.


Presidium members of the party have not played crucial role for entire unification within the party.Some tried to bring a rift between the RJP and the Socialist Party by bringing unwanted matters.Anyone brings a proposal to go to the government, then the leaders and cadres to protest against them.


If NCP shows generosity on our issues, further cooperation is possible.


There is still work to be done to divide the Madhesi power.The way the rulers are working in our country has not established any leadership in Madhes.Upendra Yadav also fallen into such trap and Rajendra Mahoto is going into this trap.Nepal-India has ties of thousands of years. That is, Nepal and India were not named here.


Socialist Party joined the government to amend the constitution and protect its achievements but since the government is not honest on 2-point agreement, we walked out.


Individual agendas that have been raised for the benefit of the nation and the people and it will be a happy moment for all to focus on fulfilling that agenda through cooperation.