The issue of leadership and policy in party unity has to be resolved first. What will be the policy, agenda of two parties, the adjustment of leaders are vital issues and they cannot be settled in few days.


RJP-Nepal has not been fully united yet. The general convention is being prepared in a very slow pace. The presidium members are also not more active for general convention. The rotational system harms the party.


Upendra Yadav is constantly being humiliated. We urge him to come out of government. Unity is not possible if he continues to be witnesses of the government.


CK Raut demanded a separate Madhesh state because there was repeatedly looked at the nationality of the people with suspicion. -Raut wants to protect the people of country from killing, slaughter and empowering the people.


It is not good for the country to leave the government suddenly and weaken the government.


If Prime Minister has the courage then removes us. Then we think about what we do.


In terms of ideology, it remains the Socialist Party. After the unification of the party, there is no problem for Gajendra Narayan Singh to be considered an ideal man.


It is not impossible to hold the general convention on the scheduled date if there is will power and desire.


Certainly, both parties were formed to establish the rights of Madhesi, indigenous nationalities, oppressed communities. So, power is not a big deal. The Socialist Party should protest against the government's decisions for the public interest.


We have achieved federalism, democracy, secularism, proportionality, inclusiveness. These issues are positive which our movement also demanded. We still disagree on some of the clauses of the constitution so that protecting the achievements of the constitution. This constitution also was made through our great sacrifices and contributions.


There are no disagreements between Socialist Party and RJP-Nepal. There may be some problems with the adjustment of the leaders, but there are no other complex issues for party unification.


Shah politically murdered many honest people. The subject of Prabhus Shah’s wife and Prachanda’s son-daughter is quite different.


‘Visit Nepal’ Campaign 2020 is to promote Nepal as an attractive tourism destination in the world. There should have been advertising that the Nepalese government had brought a discount offer to this place.


Another achievement is that if a man’s wife is at home, he has not committed a crime. Losing her reproductive rights would mean violating her human rights. It is the state’s responsibility to protect its human rights.


The government also promised to amend the constitution. The last time our party will ask the government whether or not to fulfill that promise. The socialist will then make its formal decision.


The leaders of the erstwhile CPN-Maoist Centre that the NCP would move forward as per the agreement signed with the then CPN-UML during the party’s unification process in May 2018. Some of the negatives and some of the positive results are seen when the two parties have joined the movement by their own kind.


These are bilateral issues and many of them beyond the scope of this study, we are confident that cross-border cooperation has a crucial role in reducing losses.


This constitution does not recognize communism or democratic centralism. So the ruling party should transform in line with the constitution.


The aim of Socialist Party is to fight against the government for the constitution amendment even staying in it. But even the efforts made till today, Socialist Party should also understand that the constitution cannot be amended by just cliving in the government now.


Now the main priority of development is tourists, but there is no attention to the political leaders of Madhes.


Based on the ethnic population, we are demanding full proportional system. Our demand is to enroll the provinces, based on ethnic historical background.


As a main opposition, we are calling for the necessary positive things. We have kept our voices quietly and we do not want to move forward with the fight against the government.


The government will implement the policy of giving cards to poor families to provide them fuel at subsidised cost.


Nepali Congress has been recognized at international level and it has not appeared anywhere in its theory or program because the party has no agenda.