It was independent movement. Freedom and separatism are different things. The other thing is that the people have taken us positively when we go among the people.


If the game played against federalism by the federal government, then it will be unfortunate for the country.


Now NCP has the people’s mandate because the people have made us a big party. However, due to lack of the clear majority, we had supported the Madhesi parties too as they played vital role in Madhes movement.


The national movement should not only held only in Province 2. We also need to address the demands of the indigenous of Karnali region. We are preparing to go as a national campaign by combining all the victims, exploited and suffering communities.


The present government was of the absolute majority, but it was not two-thirds.


RJPN has remained open to unification with parties who are on the same page in terms of agenda, since its establishment. We do politics centering on agendas. The result of the election is clear, isn’t it?


The left leadership has tried to make the state government unsuccessful.


The government has initiated the study of 420 kilometre section of the mega project and the study of the eastern part of the project has already been completed.


There was no campaign for separate Madhesh nation also in the past. Our campaign was for prosperity of Madhesh.


We are seeing that political interference has increased in the judiciary for the past few years. The profession of law practitioners can only be active when the court is capable, transparent and fair.


The stand of RJP is now the opposition while Forum is ruling party. So unification with another party staying in the government is not possible in the present situation.


The movement of CK Raut was not a separatist. He is not even an activist. The 11-point agreement between Raut and the government is nothing new, historic and surprising.


If NCP has desire to merge Independent Political Groups, then Madhes’s agenda should be addressed immediately.We are looking the thought of Communist in Madhes.


About the name and capital of the province, it is written in the preliminary that the two thirds of the provincial assembly majority will pass. The debate will be held in provincial assembly about it. But Province Government formed a commission and gathering suggestions from the people. This is unnecessary work and no achievement will be got.


Janaki is appropriate name for Province 2 as it will identify at the world level.


Madhesh has a special and important significance in Nepal’s politics. In the past, there was the battle of existence and right of Madesh and Madheshi. We now want to fulfill the needs of Madheshi people. For this, there is the need of Madhesh Mission.


If we work hard from our position, the state definitely addresses us. Even now, the belief that the artist cannot do anything in Mithila society is still there. Most artists have experienced this. I was known from abroad before the country knows me.


The government is continuing discrimination against the marginalised groups. The government has been discriminating against Madhesi, indigenous people, Muslims in their language, culture, identity and citizenship, among other issues.


There is no problem anywhere in the sense of what we mean and the way the state understands. Therefore, it seems that it is not relevant to accept Prithivi Jayanti as the national unity day.


 We are also careful about any strategic step of Prime Minister. Now it was proved that the government tilts little when we pushed pressure on it. As per Prime Minister's strategy, we are willing to make our strategy.


Due to two reasons, integration between Forum and RJP-Nepal is not possible. First, Upendra Yadav is operated from anywhere while RJP is also operated by some force.


If we reconsider on secularism there is the danger of federalism. It is time to strengthen federalism. It is our conclusion that the government should not raise issues that can lead to federalism in the state when the government is trying to weaken federalism.


Physical advancement of Janakpur has not been enough. According to physical development, Janakpur is in the back. Currently, beautification of Janaki Temple was done with the financial support of local and central government. But there is no beautification for Ram temple.


We are preparing special arrangements for the pilgrims coming from India in the wedding festival. Our thinking is to develop Janakpurham as ‘Marriage Destination’.